The school and nursery admissions process can be complicated at any level. For expectant parents, the prospect of worrying about a nursery or school might seem a world away from the buying of baby clothes and nappies, but one can register to some nurseries and pre-prep schools from birth.

We can help manage your child’s placement throughout their educational career.

Services for your little one:

  • Nursery Research and Advice
  • Early Years and Pre-Prep Assessment
  • Day Care Advice
  • Nursery Placement
  • Pre-Prep Placement
  • Prep Placement
  • Senior School Placement

We have been through the process ourselves and understand the pressures that accompany it. Whether it be an in depth consultation over a cup of coffee or our placement package, which includes our own reports on each of the schools we are looking at for you, we can advise and support you throughout.

Different forms of registration:

  • First-come-first-served (registering closest to birth).
  • Ballot
  • Assessment (competitive entry)